Hi, I am Carlijn!

And I’m sure you know exactly how I feel!

Because let’s face it, we all feel a little stupid sometimes.

What’s worse, we all feel overwhelmed at times. Or even put upon by our loved ones, even when we know they can’t help it.

Ever heave a big sigh of “I don’t wanna” when the baby cries just when you put your head to your pillow? Or want to kick something when your son – again – doesn’t have any clean clothes when it’s time to go to your mother-in-laws birthday?

My life to a tee!

And then I saw this quote from Amanda Holden:

I don’t care who or what judges me, nothing’s going to stop me from living my life how I choose.

And it just hit me: in all this caring for others and making sure everybody’s needs were met, I completely forgot to take care of my needs

I was still trying to conform to what I thought was expected of me.

I was doing that… Everybody else was just enjoying the ride!

So now I’m on a mission to fix things as they suit me.