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Don’t you just love walking barefoot on the beach? Or going for your morning run in the woods instead of just the neighborhood.

I would love to recreate that same feeling indoors so I can enjoy it so much longer! When I saw this pin on Pinterest, I just couldn’t resist.

I love nature, I love decorating, let’s combine the two!

Now I never liked the fact that our house doesn’t have an entree, people step right into our living room. But when I saw this pin, I thought why don’t I make an entree…

This entree is not only beautifully designed but also gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside. Like yes, this is coming home.

On the other hand it’s also super functional with all the beautiful wrought iron hooks and wicker baskets.

I can just see my kids sitting there and taking off their shoes. One basket for each of them and one for my husband. (I prefer to keep my shoes in my closet so they don’t get all crumpled up..)

Let’s explore how I can recreate this look in my own home without breaking the bank.

1. DIY Farmhouse Bench

Now that’s a no-brainer! It’s the bench that’s putting it all together and creating “the look”.

Ashley and Whitney from drew up some super plans and created a youtube video so you can follow along while they’re building their bench. You can download the free plans to build your own bench on

2. Wicker Baskets

I love how neatly these baskets fit under the bench. But I do recommend that you buy the baskets before you DIY the bench so if push comes to shove you can adjust the height or width of the bench. That’s the beauty of DIY LOL!

These come with a sturdy steel frame and they fold flat when you don’t need them. They also make them in natural canvas if you want to make the bench you crafted the centrepiece.

3. Board and Batten

I would love to have a house with board and batten everywhere, just like the house I grew up in. But alas, all the walls in this house are plain old plaster board.

But have no fear, Pinterest to the rescue! Just type in “board batten tutorial” and there are literally tons of board and batten step by step tutorials to help you out!

4. Area Rug

I couldn’t find an area rug with this beautiful pattern but I did find this handwoven jute area rug with a chevron pattern.

I love the way it’s sturdy and thick, it’ll clearly define the entree area. And the ivory chevron pattern makes sure it goes great with just about everything.

5. Large Wire Basket

This is so practical! My kids never put their stuff away where it belongs. I mean, hats, scarfs, and gloves in the winter and hats, light jackets, and sunglasses in summer all just lie on the floor where they got dumped. Grrrr!

If they dump ’em in the wire basket they can sort it out themselves in the morning before they go to school.

6. Tall Vase

Like the wire basket at one end, the tall vase on the other end of the bench serves as an end piece. They both help to define the area as an entree and frame the bench. The vase in the picture might be faux mercury glass which would never work in my household because of my oldest son’s soccer obsession. I can never get him to stop bringing balls in the house (or playing soccer in the living room…).

So I found a 16.5″ high silver teardrop metal vase, perfect for dried branches or flowers next to my bench.

7. Pillows

Don’t you just love love love all those fluffy pillows in the picture? Those textures and colors just scream natural living to me. The French call it “ton sur ton” which means that you pick one color but use different intensities next to each other. Beautiful!

I’m using these in linen, these soft corduroy corn striped ones and this one with the red and grey stripe because it ties in nicely with my other accent colors in the room.

8. Wrought Iron Hooks

Now I can’t very well close this post off without mentioning the wrought iron hooks, now can I?

But… Unfortunately I couldn’t find these hooks anywhere. Does anybody know where to get them? Not for me but I can imagine people wanting to know where you can get them.

For myself I settled on these and I’m loving the curlicue design of them! They fit in nicely with my natural theme and they’re flat at the back so no problems mounting them.

So there you have it, 8 ideas for decorating your living room (and creating an entree to boot) so it feels super natural.

Now go outside and play with your kids, show them real nature ;-P

And if you do use one of these ideas, please pin this post by clicking on the picture below and share in the Pin-comments.

Have fun!

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