Horizontal Functional Planner Stickers for Monthly Spreads and Habit trackers

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How to create a monthly tracker the easy way

I do it every time!

I take out my bullet journal and my ruler, set up my page layout, and start writing out the numbers of the days.

Then I get distracted and BAHM, I’ve botched up yet another page.

Something about the tedium of writing 1 through 31 for every monthly spread or tracker makes me loose focus and my handwriting goes down the drain…

Imagine the grin on my face when I found these cute stickers on Etsy 😉

Horizontal Functional Planner Stickers Monthly Spreads Habit trackers

I love a horizontal planner layout! Especially for gratitude trackers or project pages.

And these horizontal functional planner stickers for my bujo make my life so easy. I can create a tracker for every idea that pops into my head and I know it’ll fit right on the page.

And they look super cute and put together.

Making a monthly tracking page can take up loads of time but not when you use a sticker ;-P

The details:

  • 12 number stripstickers
  • Available in cool tone, warm tone, or grayscale colors
  • 5mm spacing
  • Printed on matte sticker paper
  • **FREEBIES** sent with every order!

And that’s what I love about PlanningWithKayShop on Etsy!

Horizontal Functional Planner Stickers Monthly Spreads Habit trackers

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