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Quote on balance that saves my sanity | #carlijnschoice

As long as I realize that I can choose a different path when it all goes down the drain, I’m good.

  • On my bike picking up groceries because it’s the “healthy choice” and it starts to pour… I can choose to leave the bike and get a cab so I don’t have to do my hair all over again or ride my bike home and enjoy feeling the rain on my face.
  • Defiantly declaring today a tv-free day until the “almost potty trained” 3 year old gets the runs… I can choose to put him back in diapers for easy clean-up or I can put him on a potty in front of the tv and feel good about the fact I help him feel like a big boy.
  • Loving my new morning routine until we have 3 evening engagements in a row and I just can’t get up in the morning… I can choose to push through and feel proud about keeping my promise to myself or I can accept my body’s decision and hit snooze…

Hope this post helps you to keep the perfectionism monster at bay!

Just remember: you can choose your priorities every day, every hour and even every second, just as it suits you!

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Have fun!


Quote on balance that saves my sanity | #carlijnschoice