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Quote on being busy that I'm struggling with | #carlijnschoice

Did you ever get extra credits for seeming busy?

I mean it. Did you ever get a compliment for working hard when all you were doing was “busy-work”?

Still felt good, didn’t it?

And that’s how we’re taught to always be busy, busy, busy.

I wasn’t taught at school to question the purpose of my homework. You just had to learn those trigonometric functions, whether or not you’d ever need them in real life.

But now I’m living my one and only real life, I find myself so busy that I forget to ask myself if I want to do all this stuff.

If this stuff is in line with what I stand for and what I try to teach my kids.

And if that’s not the most important thing of all, I don’t know what is…

Hope this post helps you to stop running around like a headless chicken!

Just remember: doing something isn’t the same as doing something purposefully!

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Have fun!


Quote on being busy that I'm struggling with | #carlijnschoice