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I’ve always wanted to be a relaxed mom. Or maybe just being able to relax while being a mom LOL.

The mom who is okay with a complete change of schedule because the kids want to go swimming and never mind the dirty dishes or the crumbs on the floor.

Or the mom who relaxes with a good book on the screened porch because it’s a beautiful autumn afternoon and the kids are at soccer practice.

Unfortunately, with a To Do list as long as most people’s Bucket list, I just can’t go about relaxing in the sun just yet.

If you’re like me and need to have all your ducks in a row before you can enjoy your much-deserved break, you may need to think a bit in advance.

Planning what you’re gonna do and how you’re gonna do it will help you relax more, and earlier in your day.

Many of us are constantly looking for more time or trying to become more productive.

These 4 must-haves for your kitchen will help.

4 must-haves for your kitchen to relax more |

1. Coffee just for Me

I love starting my day with a piping hot cup of coffee. No kids asking for help, no husband asking if I could just iron that shirt for him.So I searched about for a

So I searched about for a coffee maker that served me my cup all fresh and hot first thing in the morning. I thought about a Senseo because that’s the easiest way to make a cup whenever I want to. And the quickest, in my opinion.But a Senseo can’t make a full pot when my in-laws are coming over and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a coffee maker just for my morning cuppa. I mean, having one machine for my morning cup and another one for the afternoon is silly and not to mention taking up prime real estate on my kitchen counter! But then I found

But a Senseo can’t make a full pot when my in-laws are coming over and I just couldn’t bring myself to buy a coffee maker just for my morning cuppa. I mean, having one machine for my morning cup and another one for the afternoon is silly and not to mention taking up prime real estate on my kitchen counter!

Then I found this one from Cuisinart. I can program my morning cup so it’s waiting for me when I come down in the morning. But I can also easily make up to 12 cups in the afternoon when everybody’s at home and mom and pop are over. Now I have read in the reviews that you have to clean it out properly (but I always do so never mind) and some people think the cups aren’t proper cup size so it’ll only make 6 cups instead of 12. I’m not one for supersizing, I’ll lose my petite waistline with all the sugar I put in my cup so small cups are just fine with me 😉

You can check out the Senseo if it’s just coffee for one or two in your household here or you can look at the Cuisinart here.

2. Set it and Forget it Cooking

Now, if sitting down to my first cuppa coffee is the first thing I do in the morning, the second one is firing up my Slow Cooker.

I’ve always managed just fine with the simple Crock-Pot my mother gave me when I moved out. I mean, what’s not to like: you put dinner in, you go to work and it’s ready when you come back! And it’s dishwasher safe…

But a friend of mine is in love with her Pressure Cooker and when my Crock-Pot finally needed replacing I thought why not treat myself to something nice. An Instant Pot Duo that I can use as Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Marker and Warmer.

So now I’m happily fiddling with my friend’s recipes for the Pressure Cooker and I can even use it to make my own yogurt! I’ve tried it with whole milk, almond milk, coconut milk (of course) but my favorite? Sheep’s milk! It’s just so creamy, there’s no comparison!

So I start my day with a bit of me-time to put my head on straight and then I make sure there’s dinner on the table when we come home. No running out to get take-out anymore!

3. Easiest after dinner Cleanup

Don’t you just love it when after dinner you can simply put your feet up and relax? Oh, it doesn’t work like that in your household?

Hmmm, in mine neither, come to think of it.

So because it’s your truly who always cleans up after dinner I decided to treat myself to a nice dishwasher. It makes clean up so much faster and I can run it at night when nobody is any the wiser. No noise to keep me up and no opening up the machine to put something in only to be greeted by a water bath. Just before going to bed I put in a pod and schedule it to do my dishes when I’m sound asleep.

And in the morning I’m greeted by sparkling clean dishes, completely dry so I can put them in my cupboards before I make my family breakfast.


Oh, when I was searching for my dishwasher I found this one. Isn’t it almost cute? Totally doable to have a dishwasher in a small rental apartment, I ‘m just saying…

4. Wet & Dry Vacuum

The one thing that can ruin my lovely me-time mornings is walking on bare feet around the house and stepping into crumbs. Or spilled rice. Yuk!

So when I’ve finished loading the dishwasher and cleaning up the kitchen I never fail to vacuum the kitchen floor.

And with this wet & dry vacuum, I can easily pick up the crumbs and give my floors a thorough wet cleaning all in one go.

But do remember that I’ve got only one pet, a cat that’s always roaming about and only enters the house for some kibble and cuddle in the evenings.

So no wet pet hair to clog up the machine, just crumbs and rice and the occasional fork of mashed potato ;-P

So to cap it all off, here’s my evening routine to guarantee my lovely me-time mornings:

  1. After dinner, I load my dishwasher and make sure I run it at night. All surfaces get a wipe and I lay out a fresh dishcloth for use in the morning.
  2. I vacuum and wet clean my kitchen floor and any other floor that needs it so I don’t get any crumbs between my toes.
  3. I program my coffee maker so I’m greeted by the welcoming smell of coffee when I step into my kitchen in the morning.
  4. The rest of the evening is me-time, no more chores now!

Then my morning routine is designed to set me up for a relaxed day:

  1. I wake up and I take my coffee with me into the garden for some journalling and day-planning. Nothing fancy, just so I know what’s in store for me this day.
  2. When I’m ready I fill my slow cooker so dinner is ready when I come home from work.
  3. I wake the kids and we all have breakfast together in the kitchen. We all make our own lunch so the kids learn to do things for themselves.
  4. We all get ready for school and work together so the older kids can help the younger one and I’m right there to answer all the questions. No yelling “Mohooom” from one side of the house to the other!

Hope this post helps you to come up with a balanced routine of your own. A bit of housework, a bit of kids time and a bit of me-time combined helps me to juggle all the different balls at once.

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Have fun!

4 must-haves for your kitchen to relax more |