5 practical tips on ditching your dreaded housecleaning schedule

I can never stick to a schedule.

As soon as I try, I feel like I’m always behind. I always start out full of enthusiasm and energy.

But then something happens and I fall flat on my face.

If that’s you too, here’re 5 practical tips on keeping your house clean without sticking to a rigid schedule.

Best way to be more productive: Create a simple daily schedule and get stuff done!

Writing a plan to streamline your day is a good thing. Feeling freaked out just thinking of adding another task to your todo-list is not!

But if you had more time, it wouldn’t be such a doozy to make a daily schedule, right?

If this is you, you’re gonna love these 3 tips on how to finally create that simple daily schedule and get stuff done!

Use a daily agenda printable to create a stress-free morning routine: just write everything down in this checklist!

There’s something special about the early morning hours.Birds are chirping, no kids up yet, just me and my mindfulness app. And then I remember I need to pick up the dry cleaning. And I forgot to bake the cookies for the cookie booth. Wasn’t there an email about that meeting that I needed to… Well, you know the drill. That’s why I schedule my days before I practice my mindfulness. Creating a solid plan that fits me and my energy-level saves me a boatload of frustration so I can just relax and mind myself…

How to use a daily planner printable to create your best schedule yet: get your inspiration & motivation rocking!

I love waking up early and meditating. But it never works if my mind is chock full of things to do and stuff to remember. Soooo, before I meditate I plan my day! I check in with myself how I’m feeling and how much energy I’ve got. Creating a solid plan that fits how I’m feeling RIGHT THAT MINUTE makes sure I don’t over-schedule myself or simply plan too much…